Milford Flooring has carpet of all styles and fibers.  We carry carpets made of nylon, wool, Smartstrand, 100% recycled PET and olefin. Some resist mold and mildew, pet odors and staining. We offer residential and commercial carpet, berber, cut pile, frieze, patterned rugs and more.

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What carpet fiber is the best?

At the most basic level, nylon carpet wears better, and PET and olefin carpets tend to be more stain resistant… so it’s important to prioritize what is the most important to you.  In terms of cost, nylon is petroleum based, which we all know has increased in cost, but may allow your carpet to look great for years longer.

My berber carpet has worn like iron!

Many customers have had a great experience with berber, or loop, carpets… it’s greatest advantages is that they are often made of olefin, one of the best fibers to clean.   Since berber carpet consists of tight loops, it usually shows traffic less than a cut pile carpet.  One key consideration is if a loop gets pulled, and then is caught by the beater bar in your vacuum, you could lose an entire row of fibers!

What about wool?

Wool carpet offers both natural stain resistance and durability.  The fibers are naturally stain repellent – 25% more so than its synthetic counterpart.  Also since it is made of all natural materials, it is non-toxic, hypo allergenic, flame resistant and anti-static.  And the softness and colors of wool provide a high end look that is difficult to imitate by other fibers!  Learn more about the benefits of wool carpet here:


So we encourage you to come in and speak with our knowledgeable staff to learn more about what carpet option is best for you!  We install carpet in all areas of the Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire and Western Maine including Bretton Woods, Jackson, Glen, Bartlett, North Conway, Conway, Tamworth, Madison, Freedom, Fryeburg, Brownfield, Lovell and more!


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