Hardwood Flooring

Living in the White Mountains means experiencing heat and temperature variations in the winter that can impact the installation and condition of your hardwood floors.  It is important to understand the best type and species of hardwood for your specific heating system, and the best way to care and maintain it.

One key factor to note… wood hardness, or its “Janka” rating, is a good thing to consider when looking at hardwood flooring… obviously a harder floor will scratch less than a soft one.  The other key factor to consider, however,  is its dimensional stability.  So for example, hickory is a harder floor, and its color and grain variation is beautiful;  however, it is considerably less stable than oak.  Another factor to consider is plank width… as you can imagine, it is much more difficult to get flex in a 2 1/4″ wide piece of flooring than it is a 7″ wide plank.  While many like the looks a wide plank floor, it is considerably easier to warp and cup than its 2 1/4″ counterpart.

Engineered hardwood works well for homes in the valley. It’s structure keeps it from moving as much as solid hardwood, and it comes in wider widths – you can enjoy 5″, 6″ and 8″ wide boards with greater stability.  We offer many varieties of engineered hardwoods in colors and styles to match your decor.


Installing hardwood into a home requires someone with knowledge and experience in dealing with different species of wood, different types of installation, and different customer needs. It is important to speak with an expert before making such an investment.

Hardwood Flooring



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