Locally Sustainable Products

Some products are considered “green products” because the product regenerates as in the case of cork flooring or wool carpet… other “green” flooring comes from products that are all natural – thus producing lower VOC’s and better results for individuals with allergens.  It is also important to consider  locally sustainable products – By purchasing flooring produced closer to your home, you are giving business to your friends and neighbors, and reducing pollution that can sometimes be caused by more extensive delivery methods.

While there are many excellent products in the United States as well as overseas, Milford Flooring is working to increase its emphasis on offering locally sustainable products.  Some of these products include:

Preverco Hardwood Flooring – Quebec, Canada and Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring – Solon, Maine. 

preverco image 6

Both of these companies use North American Wood for its flooring.  The wood is harvested from local forests, is milled and prefinished within several hours of our store.  By working directly with the mills, we have less issues with inventory as the mill ships direct to us rather than a distributor.  Distributors often require a full truckload of orders before the mill can ship our order, which can sometimes delay our orders weeks, if not months.  In addition, these two mills work to keep substantial inventories in stock and produce most of their products every two weeks… so in most cases, we are able to deliver high quality local products within weeks, not months!  This keeps your project on time, and it ensures that the flooring you are installing comes from local mills and with minimal transportation costs.


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